GymNadz - Frequently Asked Questions

You can start with the GET READY PROGRAM. It is a 4 week program designed to get you in shape for the weekly more intense schedule. It requires minimum equipment and is designed to easily incorporate into your daily life. The workouts are short, effective and enjoyable. Train with me rep by rep.Expect tone up, get stronger and even more flexible with my Get Ready Program so don’t underestimate it! It can be found by tapping on the training icon.
The weekly schedule can be found by tapping on the calendar icon. Once you complete your workout you have the option to tap the flag so it highlights you have completed your workout for the day.
Every week I post a new schedule. The beginning of the week starts Sunday and the last day is on Friday so you will train 5 days a week.
Absolutely! You don't need to train hours in the gym to get the body of your dreams, but you do need to train consistently and with intensity. You will notice you don't take breaks during my short circuits and you need to push yourself to your maximum effort every time you train. This is how I stay fit, lean strong and toned.
The weekly schedule is harder than the GET READY program so if you find the weekly schedule too advanced for you, start with the GET READY program found in the workouts section. They are progressive workouts with an exam at the end of each week for a total of 4 weeks.
Good chances are that you nutrition might not be up to scratch. Make sure your diet is clean which means eating whole food. Also try to time your heavy carbohydrate meals around your workout times.
Maybe you are consuming too many high carbohydrate foods. Make sure you address your diet, if you are eating too many fruits or refined foods you could be sabotaging your fitness goals. I have included some of my favorite recipes that keep me healthy and keep me within my body goals.
I do have a food section in the app where I post examples of my favorite meals, snacks and smoothies. You can favorite the ones you like and plan your own weekly diet plan in your "My Favorite" section.
You can contact us by email
This is very important if you are serious about your progress. First and foremost you need to take a picture, your front and your side at least 1 meter away from the mirror and consistently take a pic every week ideal in the same clothes... Other than that you need to record the time it takes you to finish each of my workouts. You may be slower than me or faster but we need to time it so we can track our progress and do better the next time.
Yes, it sure is if you are looking to prevent injury as well as increase your flexibility and range of movement. Besides, warming up will only make your workout easier and cooling down is a great time not only to improve your yoga with me but to reflect on your workout and relieve your stressed muscles.