Benefits of warm water with lemon in the morning:

An important lifestyle habit that you should start your day with is warm water and lemon.
– You are a smoker
– Suffer from skin issues
– Feel fatigued in the morning
– Looking to shed some weight
– Get constipated

– An essential dose of vitamin C
– Fights fatigue
– Great for sore joints
– Helps with spider veins and blood vessel health
– Improves skin elasticity
– Prevents gingivitis
– Hydrates the body
– Improves natural bowel movement
– Helps with iron uptake
– Helps with aiding fat loss
– Helps to alkalies your body
– Improves liver function

– 250 ml of warm water squeeze half a lemon (or lime) and drink but by bit at first.
– Walk or lightly stretch for 15-20 minutes before having a meal.