Bladder Control

Have you ever sneezed or laughed so hard you peed just a bit!? Sometimes we experience this just after having a baby but don’t worry, it’s very easy to fix, by strengthening our pelvic floor muscles!
Let’s identify them first. As if you are peeing, use your muscles down there to stop the pee flow, hold and pull up for 3 seconds and now release.
Now try again, this time squeeze your front and back passage and pulling up inside. Hold for 3 seconds, release and practice a routine for 10 rounds every day, while sitting at your desk, driving to work or watching T.V.

While you’re home, you can use a Pilates circle to squeeze and activate your pelvic muscle more as you squeeze the circle and lift your hips. No Pilates circle? No problem. You can use a block, book or even a cushion.
By the way, these muscles should be engaged during your training, so get to know them and always include them into your daily training plan.
Remember.. If you don’t use it, you will lose it!