Everything you need to know about dry body brushing

✔️For Smother skin as well as reduces the appearance of cellulite.
✔️ Shedding dead cells and improves skin renewal.
✔️Improves blood circulation and wakens the lymphatic and nervous system which preps the mind and body for the day ahead as well as nutrient delivery to stubborn areas of the body.
✔️Eliminates ingrown hair.

✔️Best to start your day with brushing using a dry brush on dry skin of course.
✔️Brush till the skin is pink not red for 8-20 minutes.
✔️1 -2 times a day.
✔️Start from the feet and work your way up towards the heart with long strokes but also focusing on the trouble areas with circular motions.
✔️Don’t forget under arms as lots of lymph nodes are located there.

✔️Look for a brush with strong  natural bristles so that you can create good friction while brushing.
✔️You can find them in beauty stores and even online.