Meal plan info, Prepare your self 👌

A healthy gut means easy weight loss. your plan will start with removing toxins from your body and optimizing your detox organs to work efficiently as well as restoring the microbiome which kicks off weight loss.
-If you feel hungry eat more of the food planned in you day and follow your calories except on the smoothie- liquid Saturday its a detox for gut and colon relief day.

what you should steer away from during this time
breads ( unless from the app )●
processed foods ( biscuits cakes etc..)●
-sugary drinks and syrupsد

Recommended supplements●
berberine 1 tablet after lunch●
magnesium 300 mg at night ( up too 600mg)●
vit d k2 1000 IU, omega 3 1g daily morning ●
protein powder and bcaa ( optional )●
probiotic ●