New Meal Plan👌👌

This low carb high protein meal plan really works on stabilising insulin and losing fat.
🔺no sugar🔺no bread🔺no rice 🔺no dairy milk and cheese🔺minimal fruit
1. All meals are easily prepared and you have to reach the daily protein quota. ( you can favorite your best meals and repeat them)
2. The program consists of 3 main meals and snack are not part of this plan except for herbal teas.
3. You can drink an unlimited number of herbal teas but limit your coffee intake to 3 cups
4. Both lettuce and cucumber can be snacked on without a limit whenever you feel hungry
5. You must drink 2 – 2.5L of water per day
6. If you’re continuously craving sugar, I recommend you take 200-400 mcg chromium picolinate after breakfast and lunch and 400mg of magnesium at night.
7. i would recommend a good probiotic to take morning and night and 1g omega 3 to keep you bloat free and going to the bathroom regularly.
8. If you feel slow and sluggish in the morning consider a B-complex to take in the morning.
9. stop eating 3 hours before bed
10. All supplements can be found on IHerb, Use code CAN9433 for discount