Protein Powder، quick facts-repost

⭕️What is the importance of protein?
The body converts protein to amino acids, which is one of the main components in our body’s cells and contributes to muscle recovery and weight loss.

⭕️What are the main sources of protein?
Meats, milk, and dairy products, nuts, tofu, egg whites, legumes

⭕️Why do we use protein powder?
Because it is difficult to eat protein continuously from our main sources, it is easier to digest, and because it usually contains all important amino acids, and we can consume it in liquid form which is easy on the stomach.

⭕️What are sources of protein powder?
Whey, casein, rice, soy, egg whites, in addition to carbohydrates and fats in order to have a full meal.

⭕️How do we choose the appropriate protein powder?
The most important factor is that it is free of additives, read the ingredients and ask for help. It also depends on your goals….for example, if you want to gain weight, casein would be suitable and for those who want to lose weight, whey without carbs would be suitable. For those who are lactose intolerant, use protein powders that are dairy free from sources like soy, rice, or vegetable.

⭕️When should we have protein powder?
Before and/or after training or before bedtime, but in general, protein is an important component in every meal.

⭕️How do we prepare a protein shake?
the simplest way is to mix with water and optionally you can mix with fruits and vegetables