Monthly Subscription

Age Group

Starting Day

8 weeks


5-10 years
boys and girls

1st of July


Objective: Motivate kids to workout at home using simple equipment and encourage them to follow healthy habits that will make their lives healthy and happy ever after.



Weekly Structure: Kids will be motivated and encouraged to:


  • Workout for 15 minutes 5 times a week


  • Drink 3 cups of water after the workout


  • Eat their fruit or vegetable according to the week they are on


  • Answer a weekly question related to health


Motivation: The kids will be motivated in several ways to continue their journey towards becoming asuper hero

  • They will receive a daily progress report of the powers they acquired,


  • They will Share their experiences, and celebrate their success on a dedicated Instagram account @SuperNadz


  • Get rewarded by their Parents.


Rewards System: The parents should establish a reward system for the kids to feel a sense ofachievement, and help them continue their journey.


  • Suggested Daily rewards: IPAD time, Money, Simple toys


  • Final Reward: This is the reward kids will receive upon the completion of the program.



Agree on this reward with your kids by the beginning of the program, and keep reminding them of the reward throughout the program