About The Challenge

The challenge is an 8 week workout and food program that will get you moving, eating healthy and losing weight while having fun and having the chance to win $10,000. The challenge will be available on GymNadz App


Start Date

  • Orientation ( 1 week ):  11/03/2018
  • Challenge  ( 7 weeks): 18/03/2018


About the Workout Program

An easy progressive program that a will take you step by step towards being fit while working out for only 15 minutes a day. 


Meal Plan

Simple and healthy meal plan with a daily / weekly shopping list


How to win the $10,000?

The winner will be chosen by a draw between Committed Participants that follow and complete the workout program, as shown by the daily progress report generated in the GymNadz App



Premium members of GymNadz app


How to become a Premium Member?

You can become premium member by paying the membership fees whether through our website or through IAP  


Membership Prices

Monthly membership rate is $19.99/month, the rate goes down to as low as $10.99 /month if you join for longer periods.


Who shouldn’t participate?

If your pregnant or if you have any medical condition, you shouldn’t join before you get the consent from your doctor before you join.