No sugar sundays ❌

Sugar sugar sugar🍭🍡🍩🧁
we consume way to much sugar then we need and it just doesn’t improve our health or our beauty.
Sugar ages us and increases wrinkles and this is not something to look forward too. This is why I am introducing No Sugar Sundays.

Its really easy to follow. Every Sunday we will abstain from sugar will the exception of 200 g of any berry os you absolutely need or a grapefruit with the pith on it. Any protein powders or kept products are accepted and protein bars under 5g of sugar ( they are mainly sugar free)

When it comes to juices and your teas and coffee, sugar free substitutes are fine but I prefer if you can go without. Its only 1 day. A day where you really control your sugar intake and focus more on veggies and protein.🫐🍓🍊….