Gym Program with michelle

With the Total Body Program with Coach Michelle, we’ll be focusing on all muscle groups making you stronger and increasing your muscle mass while reducing fat. Throughout the 4-week program. we’ll be training for 5 days a week with a weekly breakdown of:

🔹Day 1 Focus 💪🏼upper body – Abdominals, obliques, triceps
🔸Day 2 Focus 💪🏼Heavy lifting + single leg stability/strength
🔹Day 3 LISS -🚶‍♀walking
🔸Day 4 Focus 💪🏼Sprint System with Upper body pulling
🔹Day 5 Focus 💪🏼metcon-metabolic conditioning all in energy system

💪🏼 Do pick your favorite cool downs from the workout section in the app and wrap up your workouts with them
💪🏼 Suitable for all levels, and if you already have gym experience, then its a plus!