How to stop bad breath during Ramadan.

1- Wash your mouth well after Suhur 🚰
Fantastic toothpaste that keeps fresh breath for 12 hours – dentist formula
2- Use floss to remove all foods not only brushing 🧬
Floss everyday after Fatour and always after Suhur!!! This floss is very effective ! Teach ur kids to floss
3- Brush your tongue 🪥
Your breaths beat friend! Removes unwanted build up of food and bacteria which you should clean b4 you start your fast each day
4- Use a throat spray that has zinc and menthol 💉
Perfect scientific formula with natural ingredients- spray directly into mouth to throat area 3 spray each time
5- Drink enough water during eating time 🧊
6- Take a probiotic for your mouth bacteria 💊
Specially studied bacteria that maintains a healthy colony of mouth bacteria. This is the last step of a healthy mouth teeth abd gums – take one and let it dissolve in your mouth after you finish cleaning your mouth .
7- Illuminate or reduce sugary or processed foods during the month of Ramadan they lead to bad breath big time 🍩
8- Have at least one green smoothie a day 🧃
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