Is cellulite something I should be worried from?

Cellulite is a condition where the skin has a lumpy appearance, it usually effects the buttocks and the thighs however, it may happen in other areas as well. There are many reasons that cause cellulite:
1- Fat
2- Not enough oxygen reaching muscles
3- Dehydration
4- Lack of exercising (cardio and weights training)
5- Your genetics.
Cellulite is not only connected to big size women only! You may find a skinny woman who has cellulite showing on her thighs in some cases, however, the chance of having more cellulite increases the more you have fat in your body.
To decrease cellulite:
1- Drink a lot of water daily.
2- Stay active and follow a workout routine
3- Follow a healthy diet
4- More veggies in your diet
5- Daily walk for 30 minutes.
6- Body brush your body daily to improve blood circulation.
7- A collagen supplement/ a protein supplement if you don’t get enough / a skin and omega 3 supplement can greatly improve cellulite with your training
It is important for you to know that most of women do have cellulite in different areas in their body and that is completely ok! Having cellulite does not define who you are, or your beauty, although social media works really hard and put so much effort to convince women otherwise, you should know that it is nothing but an alarm for you to learn and read more, and to take a decision to change your lifestyle and work hard for a better version of you, for you!