Ramadan 2023 Home Program 🔥

This ramadan do you want to stay strong or get stronger💪
Do you want to lose excess body fat ?
Do you want short yet effective workouts?
Improve you insulin resistance so you can still enjoy Ramadan treats now and again without the weight gain and guilt?
Do you want to feel challenged yet not consumed by a workout?
The Gymnadz Ramadan program is everything you want in a workout program.

* B4 iftar you can do your steps and your 7 mins essential stretching that will actually make you feel refreshed and revived this ramadan.
* Post iftar or b4 or after suhoor you can do your training. First your muscles will be fueled it will optimise your response to sugar in the body and keep u lean and burning fat while u fast without sacrificing your hard earned muscles

What to expect in this program🎯:
* A mix of strength training, hiit training, pilates and body weight workouts.
* ُTry your best to train at least 4 days a week. 6 days a week for excellent results.
* This is post- fotour program, before fotour you can do the ramadan stretches
* its recommended to drink at least 1 l of water during your training or post training.