Ramadan Competition sponsored by ASICS

We are happy to announce that Ramadan group competition will be sponserd by ASICS , prizes for💰💰 $10,000 will awarded to the top 5 groups. Each Members of the top 5 groups will be receiving a vocuher for $200 to be used at ASICS Stores💪,the group leader will get two voucher 💪💪
The conditions:
-A group leader can’t participate in any group other that the groups she leads, the number, or groups she can lead is based on her points||( and 5000 pints for each group)
-A Member of the group can’t be a member of another other group for the sake of competition
The minimum number of participants in the group is 7, including the leader
Please organize thr groups before the start of ramadan

we will add the daily average points for each group in the month of Ramadan, the groups with most points will win, you will be able to track your group from the competition banner in the home page. You can track your individual points from teh profiule page by clicking on your points.
Pointing System
10 points daily for logging water
10 points daily for logging sleep
10 points daily for logging a meal
10 points daily for creating a blog post
30 points for competing a workout or workout program day
10 points for walking 5,000 steps, 2 extra points for walking an extra 1000 steps up to additional 10 points
21 points for adding weekly measurement in the report section, the points will be added over 7 days, 3 points a day

Thanks for ASICS, Good luck to you all, have a healthy Ramadan with GymNadz