Rebounding – Trampoline bouncing

Grab a trampoline and start 5-12 minutes of jumping the benefits are endless but my favourites are :
🔹 Increases your level of vibration to put you in a good mood.
🔹 Gets your metabolism going so you burn more calories throughout ur day.
🔹 Helps lower cholesterol by working your blood vessels.
🔹 Reduces cellulite by improving your lymphatic flow in your body but you need to be consistent for 6 weeks.
🔹 Helps you maintain weight loss.
🔹 Improves your stamina and mood.
🔹 Can help manage type 2 diabetes and improves insulin sensitivity.

I bounce first thing in the morning for health and happiness! It’s so easy and fun! You can do it before body brushing and after your lemon and water!