Signs that you might need a detox .

How many of these do you suffer from, give me the total number in the comments below👇🏻:

1.You crave sugar often.
2.You’re always tired or “foggy.”
3.You’re frequently constipated.
4.You have seasonal allergies.
5.You eat healthy, but don’t feel healthy.
6.Your skin isn’t clear.
7.Your skin is itchy.
8.You have joint pain.
9.You’re overweight.
10.You’re sensitive to chemicals, smells, or medications.
11.You have bad body odor.
12.You’re stressed, anxious or depressed.
13.You’re resistant to weight loss.
14.You have frequent mood swings.
15.You have bad breath.
16.You experience frequent gas and bloating.
17.You get energy slumps during the day.

P.S: if you’ve got more than 3, consider doing one of the detox’s in the Gymnadz App.