Take Care Of Your Body – It’s Your Responsibility

I’m Zeina,@Zeena86
35 years old, and a mother of three with a career in psychology. My journey for change started when I was attending a seminar for a German psychiatrist who spoke about the pressures that our body undertakes throughout our lives. A big part of the solution was to work based on your body’s needs. He taught me to listen to my body, to understand it and to love it since it’s going to be my friend on this journey of life.

Since then, my self-care route began and I joined GymNadz on 28/1/2020 at 87kgs with extremely low self-confidence, a fear of failure, a worry not to keep going accompanied by knee pain.
GymNadz app for me was a savior: healthy food & fasting taught me self-control. I stopped eating leftovers and started choosing what I’m consuming instead – based on my needs not on what’s available.

The workouts taught me to love movement and that my body can in-fact change, and that nothing is impossible with consistent training.

With drinking water, I learnt that my body was dehydrated and dry and just like a neglected flower, I bloomed and blossomed.

Walking taught me that life is beautiful and that it changes every day: there are details and colors and people that I will never see unless I move and walk and change places.
I sleep better, and deeper. My focus is even better with the vitamins I’m taking.
I’m proud of myself and thankful to Nadz who acted as a core inspiration to me and to her creative team!