Are you hitting a plateau in your training?

Could any of these be the culprit?

1.track your food for a week. Depending on your goals you might be eating to many or too little calories. You might not be eating enough protein which is essential to track when you hit a plateau. I try to eat protein with each meal and aim for a minimum of 30-35g (sometimes up to 50 if I miss snacks)

2. water and sleep are important to break through plateaus. You need to drink enough water to flush the body from toxins, it keeps you regular as well as flushing workout bi product build up. The app can guide you as to how much water your individual body needs. Use the app to track your water consumption so you get an idea of your daily water consumption. Sleep needs to be adequate at least 7-8 hours a day and preferably by 10pm. You can use the app to record your sleep

3.Training with weights. Train enough and challenge yourself with variable training styles and challenging strength weights. Remember always to make a mind and body connection when you train. If you keep using the same weight it won’t create stimulations to change.

4. Recover. Take rest days. Do massages and magnesium salt baths. Take time to foam roll or do yoga . Get outside with nature to do trail walks. Deep breathing and meditation is also very effective. Dance classes are also effective and fun as an active rest day.

5. supplements- this can be a missing link for many and it can really be effective. For improved strength and power in your workouts (improved out put) I like to take creatine and beta alanine. Both are very effective. L-carnitine and CLA can also help in breaking plateaus and getting leaner. Omega 3 and a good protein / bcaa/ collagen can also help when it comes to muscle synthesis and maintaining the muscles you have built. When taking supplements like these ( except for the omega and proteins ) I like to cycle them for 6 weeks and take 2 weeks off until my results are achieved.

*Other routines that can help you include starting your morning with lemon and apple cider warm water mix. Trying the magic coffee elixir before your workouts or as your morning coffee. Little routines can go a long way when done regularly.

Let me know if you have hit a plateau and which one you feel the culprit is.