Are you really hungry?!

Some people may feel symptoms of hunger although their body does not actually need food.. Symptoms such as stomach cramps, dizziness, craving particular food or stomach pain. These symptoms can be caused by hunger or by other reasons, such as:

🔹 The hunger hormones (ghrelin):
This hormone stimulates your appetite and it rises before eating.. In the case, the stomach will produce acid to digest food and if we don’t eat, these acids can bother us and cause pain ❌
🔹 Food quality consumed:
Sugars and simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar in a quick way then drop it down.. After a short period the hunger hormone will raise up again and let us feel hungry ✔
🔹 Lack of drinking water:
First symptom of thirst is hunger! Sometimes you feel hungry but all what your body actually needs is water! ✋
🔹 Environment:
For example, watching foods on television, family and friends gatherings, events and occasions. 🍟
Lack of sleep:
It raises the proportion of hunger hormone and we will start craving fat last night. 😴
🔹 Psychological and emotional reasons:
Some people eat more food when they feel happy or sad, even if they are not hungry, they consume food based on their personal emotions. 🤗

Dietitian Rawan