Gradual Fasting..

The gradual fasting program is a 21-day program designed to prepare you for fasting during the Holly month of Ramadan as follows:
– In the span of the first 2 weeks, we will delay your breakfast meal by half an hour daily until we get to a total fasted time of 8 hours.
Example: Day 1, delay your breakfast from 8:00am to 8:30am. Day 2, have your breakfast at 9:00am…
– In the 3rd week, we will continue to fast 8-9 hours daily and cut out coffee if you can
– The meals on this program are nutritious are easily-prepared, but they will gradually decrease throughout the 3 weeks.
– Upon completing the program, you’ll be ready and hydrated to fast during Ramadan with ease.

supplements to add to your routine:-
-multiple mineral liquid (eidon ionic minerals )
-omega 3
-Ubiquinol if your over 35 years.
-vitamin d3 and k2
-berberine if your BMI is over 24 or you crave sugar after meals
-creatine if your over 25 years
-collagen if your over 25 years