Ramadan Food Plan 2023

Breakfast = FOTOUR, Dinner = SOUHOUR and your SNACKS are in between.
In order to maintain a steady insulin take your Ramadan tonic followed by 4 spoons of salad every day before any thing. This will help you tremendously when it comes to weight loss and just being healthier this Ramadan.

1. All meals are accounted for including dessert.
2. Dessert is optional I don’t recommend sweets every day (3 a week is enough if they are form the Gymnadz library and 1 time if they are ordered). If you are looking to gain weight enjoy your healthy desserts.
3. This food plan should be in conjunction with the Ramadan exercise program.( either at home or in the gym)
4. Its very important that you drink all your tonics and water mixes. After suhour you finish with suhour tonic or hydrating tonic.
5. take your digestive enzymes & probiotic supplement after your fotour tonic just before you eat your main meal or directly after if you forget. You can also make saurkraut or pickles to assist digestion
6.Recommended supplements: omega 3, Vitamin D3 (if you are deficient), CLA, hair supplements and chromium (after fotour), Magnesium after suhour.
7.You are able to swap meals from the library as well as add your own, the most important point is to follow your calorie intake and do not over eat.
8.if you don’t have time or feel you lost your appetite at least get a protein shake at suhour.
9. If collagen is part of your supplement plan take it in your water mixes.
10. there are so many digestive teas to can add to help you with digestion and hydration.