Vacation Program

If you are a busy woman, an employee, a student or if you are traveling , you will love this program
✔Time efficient 🕐
✔No equipment needed
✔Metabolism increases for hours after your training🔥

✔Complete the 21 day change within 21 days
✔You will get best results if you push yourself
✔If you miss a day, add the workout on to the next day

General Info:
▪The workouts consist mainly of high intensity interval training where we work to our max level and rest for very short intervals to catch our breath. Also, I choose basic moves to compliment more intense ones so we can catch our breaths back actively, before training hard again
▪When you have tabata workouts back to back rest 40 sec to 1 minute before beginning the next one.
▪You can take bcaa before training.