What’s going on inside your body

Appropriate blood tests can help u reveal a lot about ur body.
These are my go to blood tests:
✅Hba1c a good indicator for pre diabetes
✅Vit D-insufficient vit D can sabotage the best weight loss plans and is an underlying factor for many health issues
✅C-reactive protein- high levels can de-activate leptins anti obesity effects and uncover a whole lot of body issues
✅Thyroid -T3 and T4 ur metabolism starts here
✅Triglycerides ldl and hdl
✅Estradiol ( a type of estrogen ) sub optimal levels are associated with weight gain especially in the abdominal area
✅Iron and ferritin level- can help u uncover reason for hair loss -dizziness -unexplained bruising lack of energy and strength
✅I also like to check b12- magnesium and zinc levels..since I m checking