When is the best time to train during Ramadan?

“It is a personal preference for some and depends on the state and experience of your body, but surely if you feel fatigued skip the training until you’re in a fed state.

• Overall, the best time to train with weights during Ramadan is during non-fasting hours when the body is better hydrated and nourished. You will work out harder and get the best out of your training. Training tip if you have a sweet tooth is to train 30 minutes after desserts or have your sweets post training within a 30-50 minute window when your muscles will soak up the sugar hit. (just don’t make it a habit)

• If you’re a novice wanting to lose weight this Ramadan doing your aerobic exercise and stretching an hour or so before iftar is excellent for fat burning and also has regenerative effects on the cells in your body (autophagy). Try not to do more than 45 mins or max an hour of brisk walking. It could get very tiring and also have a stress effect on the body. Gentle low paced walking can be endured longer. And stretching to up to an hour.

• HIIT body weight training for 15 mins can be very rejuvenating for the health of your body. And is linked to anti-aging benefits. It may help promote the body’s natural cellular repair mechanisms and reduce oxidative stress, which are thought to contribute to aging and age-related diseases. However, I would not recommend HIIT with weights for more then 12-15 mins in a fasted state. It will really depend on how you feel and your body experience with training. Better to do it once you’re hydrated and in a fed state especially if you are a beginner.

• Mediation and yoga are excellent to do in a fasted state and can really bring your practice to a new level. I definitely recommend it pre-iftar or pre-suhour. The Gymnadz ramadan Stretching won’t take your more than 7-9 mins a day and it encompasses all the important stretches to improve your body over the next 30 days.

It’s important to listen to your body and adjust your training practice as needed to accommodate changes in energy levels or other factors related to fasting. You want it to be a routine throughout this month so plan accordingly. Most of all, don’t skip your training and plan ahead on days you’re eating out. Let me know below when you will train and tag those in your group.