You are not chewing your food enough?

There are a lot of symptoms that prove you that you need to chew more:

🥄 Bloating
🥄 Indigestion
🥄 Heart burn
🥄 Sluggish digestive system
🥄 Feeling of fatigue after a meal


🥄  The University of Manchester proved that chewing well induced a protective immune response in your mouth that protects you against illnesses.
🥄 The (Th17) immune cells are stimulated the better you chew
🥄 Chewing well is the first step towards effective weight-loss as your breaking down larger molecules to smaller ones.
🥄 The more you chew the more you stimulate your digestive enzymes which will prevent indigestion and bloating and better nutrient absorption
🥄 The better you chew the more energy you have after a meal
🥄 The more you chew allows you to eat less and slower which can lead to steady weight loss


🥄 Multiple studies suggest that 32 times is the magic number to chew a big mouthful ( its 1 chew per tooth)
🥄 Put your cutlery down while chewing
🥄 Don’t eat while driving , watching tv, txting etc
🥄 Eat foods high in fiber that force you to chew more
🥄 Set at least 30 minutes to eat a big meal and don’t get up before then.